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We offer design and furniture solutions to businesses of all types who want to offer a place for inspired work, quality customer interactions, and increased productivity.

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We offer furniture that gives your space personality and amplifies the culture.

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Design Solutions for Every Business

Dakota Business Center prides itself in working with a variety of businesses and organizations to fulfill their design and furniture needs. Who we work with:

We provide commercial furniture and interior design services that give your people a place to do better work. Dakota Business Center understands the challenges that businesses today are facing especially as more companies turn to remote work. As your business evolves, so do your furniture and design needs and your need for a partner who can work alongside you to accommodate those shifts.

We work hard to offer ideas and create space that meets your specialized needs and are easily adapted as those needs shift. We are able to create spaces that link your business objectives with your facility strategies.

At Dakota Business Center, we pride ourselves in creating custom work environments that meet the functional and aesthetic needs of your business and we back that up with our service guarantee.

K-12, college, and university leaders work hard in todays education landscape to  provide educational settings that are furnished to foster better learning. With limitless design options, the possibilities can enrich teaching and learning for students, faculty, administrators, and the community.

With educational settings  constantly changing we are prepared to support classrooms, libraries, residence halls, and more in their efforts to adapt and provide quality learning and recreational spaces. In doing so, we help these institutions attract and keep students all while projecting a school’s spirit, culture, and image.

Cater to the Employees and Customers

Dakota Business Center prides itself in offering solutions that cater to employees and customers. With each group having unique needs for transactional settings as well as regular, daily work, DBC takes that into account when creating custom spaces and offering furnishing that will last.

Safety and security is also imperative in financial settings and our expert team is trained to create the most functional layout while also considering safety needs as well.


Unique solutions for government agencies.

For more than 25 years, Dakota Business Center has focused on the special concerns of federal government facilities, as well as state and local government agencies across the State of South Dakota. When it comes to government requests, we have offered consistent solutions to meet the changing needs both in private office and public spaces.

We prioritize creating workplaces that better support your people while fulfilling the government’s requirement for reduction in spending. We offer government organizations solutions designed to enhance both connection and productivity in the workplace. Our solutions include industry trends and best practices, well-designed, top quality products, project-led installation and service with an industry-leading warranty that sets us apart from other providers.

Healthcare Furniture Solutions with Your Patients in Mind

Healthcare spaces offer many specialized environments that have unique and specific purposes. Our solutions accommodate this abundance of options while keeping the focus on the comfort of your patients and team. Quality of care and patient satisfaction can be directly impacted by the spaces the care is performed and we at Dakota Business Center offer solutions to support the activities of caregivers and the comfort of patients and their family members.

With products from brands like Teknion and National, we give you a variety of choices for healthcare furniture of all types.

We’ve designed spaces that include:

  • Administrative Areas
  • Patient Areas
  • Welcoming and Waiting

Keeping Mission Focused

Non-profit organizations know they can find quality furnishings and design within their budget at Dakota Business Center. Our priority is ensuring these organizations maintain focus on their mission rather than spending time furnishing their locations. 

Our design experts take great care in offering solutions that aid in driving the organizations forward while also providing furniture that will withstand the test of time. 

Dakota Business Center provides interior solutions that help small businesses create functional space that impacts productivity and culture.

Small and medium-sized businesses are in constant need of space to collaborate, go heads down, and socialize. We work with businesses to understand their primary needs and wants to then create a comprehensive plan that brings their space to life. As workplaces evolve, we also partner with organizations as they adapt their work strategy to allow for a more remote culture. This shift requires adjustment of office space as more collaborative space is needed and fewer individual office areas.

Design your space with a partner who has your team’s best interests in mind just like you.

A Variety of Solutions for Multiple Settings

Utility companies require accommodations for a variety of group, personal office, and customer settings. We have had the pleasure of designing custom solutions that carry the same design styles throughout entire companies while accommodating the space limitations that each area has. 

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