4 Reasons to Not Hire a Professional to Design Your Office Space

Prior to the pandemic, work-life balance was becoming a higher priority for most employees. To accommodate this, companies put a new focus on designing spaces where employees would want to work. Post-pandemic work-life will require a whole new level of reimagining the workspace as employees go back into the office, need more space to spread out, and continue needing optimal functional use of what space is available. This is an exciting time, but do you necessarily need to hire a professional to get the job done? Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t. 

1. You enjoy wasting time and money

Design experts are an investment and why can’t you simply redesign your own space? You don’t have a background in design or making strategic decisions to optimize your space, but it can’t be hard when you take into account the needs of an entire team… right? Also, all of that time and money you’ll spend selecting different styles to experiment with will be worth the money saved on not hiring that expert. When you finally select your options, the time you’ll spend building and installing the furniture will be a great team exercise since they all have the time to step away from their current responsibilities. Here’s hoping it all fits and looks the way you planned. 

2. You love low-quality materials 

A quick online furniture order and you are well on your way to having an updated workspace. Keep in mind those low prices translate to lower quality materials. If you are looking to replace everything in a year or two, order away. It would be overkill to hire a professional designer who knows what materials are best for specific spaces and works with vendors that ensure you are receiving high-quality and long-lasting products.

3. Zero Vision

Who needs a plan when you can go straight into execution. Being in the middle of the project doesn’t easily allow for a vision of what the outcome should be, but if you have the dedicated time then that shouldn’t be a problem. You can facilitate the overwhelmed feelings with extra work hours. The time you spend bringing your project to life could have been spent with a design professional who welcomes your opinion and offers mock-ups of what to expect the final product to be, but who has time for that.

4. You want to minimize your space

You know your space better than anyone. Pair that with Pinterest, which offers up ideas daily on the best and brightest office layouts, and you are equipped to design a functional space. You might be missing the precise design skills that encourage productivity and don’t hinder people from getting their jobs done but you can just move furniture around and if it doesn’t fit you can try again. 

We hope you enjoyed this little farce on why you shouldn’t hire a design professional. Customers come to us daily saying they wished they would have just hired a professional because they don’t realize the layers of detail that go into an office design. Hiring a design professional to design your office is the wisest choice and will save you time and money, offer you quality materials, give a vision to the project and maximize your space.  A well-designed office ensures your employees’ productivity is boosted, stress is reduced, and that you are able to keep up with the changes in how people work in the post pandemic life.

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